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Binder & Binder® - Social Security Disability Advocates®

Americans like to work. We like to earn our own way. And most of us do exactly that for most of our lives. But some of us aren't that lucky. Some of us get hurt, or get sick, and we simply can't go on working. That's why there is a Disability section of the Social Security law. If you're a good, hard working person, who has paid the required amount of your FICA (Social Security) taxes, and your doctor says you simply can't work anymore, you're probably entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

Why Hire Binder & Binder®?

At Binder & Binder®, we work with clients all over America. We've had many comments about one of our TV commercials which tells about sending an Advocate from our San Francisco area office to Alaska to help one of our clients there win his case. Our strength makes life a little more comfortable for our clients, some of whom are living on the edge, waiting for SSD benefits. We have clients who come to us because they know that unlike other businesses, we will take a case from the very beginning. They know we'll do a professional job of filing initial paperwork and completing confusing social security disability forms. We have clients who have already been denied SSD benefits and come to us for help. We have clients who have already qualified for SSD and must prove that their disabilities still exist.

With the Resources to Help

Any time you are talking to any of our people, they really are our people ... trained by us and working under our personal supervision. We hold all of our people personally responsible for upholding our unique standards of excellence.

Social Security Disability Advocates

We are Social Security Disability Advocates®. While very similar to a Social Security Disability lawyer, by definition an advocate is "one that argues for a cause; one that pleads in another's behalf; a supporter." As a business of advocates we have a "better and nicer" way of treating our clients. We're successful because we deal with our clients powerfully, professionally and personally. While we cannot change the unfortunate circumstances of your disability, we can take over the burden of making the benefits process work for you.

Here's How We Get Paid

We get paid only when we win your case and our fees are closely regulated by the government. This means that you don't have to hesitate to pick up the phone and call us. It means that you don't have to put off getting the help you need just because you're feeling strapped for cash. Our fee is the same no matter when we begin our work for you. So, it's in your best interests to retain us from the very beginning. But even if you've already had an application denied, we will still work hard to win your case. For complete details on our fees, please click here, or ask for the pamphlet called "Our Fees."